Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another speed scrap

This was very challenging. One of the rules was that half of the elements had to be hanging. For some reason,it's hard to figure out how to "hang"things on a scrapbook page- well at least it is for me. I want to rearrange a few things- mainly the title. I also need to add a journaling spot.

These photos are from one of the first times I caught Gabe looking out the window- he's pretty new to standing up on his own,and he is just mesmerized when he looks out the window. It's like he just realized there's a whole new world out there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speed Scraps!

I just recently got into digital scrapbooking. I'm having so much fun learning about different techniques. Last week I discovered a few websites that have challenges every now and then. I participated in a speed scrap tonight on this site. You log onto the website,and the host will give several directions. You have an hour to complete a layout,and another hour to post it on the site. In return you receive a participation prize (a digital scrapbooking item ). I really liked the prize that was offered tonight,so even though I had to work, I raced home and made a layout. It was pretty challenging for me, but I actually completed it in time,and posted on the site. Here is my finished layout.

Day 20

Ok, I cheated a bit and took this yesterday. This is my addiction. I love diet coke . But only on ice. Once in awhile I add a squeeze of lime, too. I buy a 2 liter,and take that to work with me. I don't drink it all in one day , usually over 3 days. But I do get teased from the girls at work, who think I drink a 2 liter of coke a day!

Day 19

Jacob loves facebook. It seems to be the newest obsession with my older kids. Since they're homeschooled, they don't see their friends every day. But this way they can chat with them at least once a day.

Day 18

Kaden and Maya love to play this game over and over. They don't really understand the concept of the game, but they are at least learning how to find matching pictures. They get a little better each time.

Day 17

I love my crockpot! On busy days, I use my crockpot alot! I made a venison roast with vegetables this . It turns out so delicious this way!

Day 16

Organization- my #1 goal for this year. I bought the kids this bin organizer, in hopes of keeping things easier to put away and find. They seem to get the hang of putting toys away in the bins, they just don't always put them in the correct one. Well ,it's a start anyway.