Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching up on Project 365 photos

Day 4

It's a bit hard to see on the photo- but there is a thick layer of ice covering just about every surface this morning. Last night it rained off and on, combined with freezing temperatures it made for treacherous road conditions that day.

Day 3
This photo is a bit grainy,as I tried using natural light instead of the flash. The boys are looking out the window, as Daddy leaves for his favorite store "Fleet Farm" to get some salt to melt the ice skating rink that has taken over our driveway!

Day 2
Testing out some settings on my camera,I actually got a photo of Scooter,and for once he wasn't sleeping or running away from me!


This is my photo for Day 1 - my "creative workspace". Can you just see how much creative genious would actually happen at that space?? None! Guess what my #1 (yes,there's more than 1) NY resolution is? Getting more organized!!! Maybe later on I'l have a new, organized workspace photo to show you!

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